Writer’s choice

Writer’s choice
Textbook: “The Story of an Hour”; “The Yellow Wallpaper”; “I Stand Here Ironing”; “Why I Wrote ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’”; “Undergoing the Cure for Nervous Prostration”; “A Feminist Reading of Gilman’s, ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’”
•Review Week 1 Presentations (specifically, the elements of literature and keys to livelier writing)
•Link (website): Kate Chopin “The Story of an Hour”
•Minimum of 1 peer-reviewed library resource for initial post

Charlotte Perkins Gilman (“The Yellow Wallpaper”), Kate Chopin (“The Story of an Hour”) and Tillie Olsen (“I Stand Here Ironing”) were all writers who devoted their work to identifying the struggles of women in society. Their stories often have feminist ideals with themes of social rights and independence.

Initial Post Instructions
Compare and contrast the women of each story. How are they similar in their situations? How are they different? Keep in mind each woman’s individual situation (and time period) and how she is reacting and why. Use quotes/paraphrasing from the story to help illustrate your point to your reader.