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Three role virtues. Besides these, list and describe three additional role virtues you think engineers or technologists should cultivate. Explain why these virtues represent the mean between two extremes. Finally, anticipate and respond to potential counterarguments to the virtues you have suggested. here are some thoughts about completing this week’s blog on virtue ethics: – The blog asks you to identify three role virtues, in addition to those identified in the course pack article, that engineers or computer scientists ought to cultivate. So, make sure the virtues you identify are genuinely and clearly distinct from the three discussed in the article (technical competence, discernment, and professional autonomy). – It is also important that you focus your discussion on role specific virtues (vs. those that everyone ought to cultivate). For example, Aristotle believes honesty is a virtue that all of us should cultivate; it is not a role specific virtue. Role specific virtues are those traits germane to a particular role we play/serve (engineer, teacher, parent, etc.). – Discuss which extremes each of the traits you identify avoids (Golden Mean). – When thinking about potential counterexamples, one useful point to keep in mind is that virtue requires action (it is not enough to think good thoughts). This, coupled with the fact that professionals have limited amounts of time and energy, should give you some ideas on potential counterarguments to your list of role virtues. – You will need to reference the mechanics of Aristotle’s approach so make sure to cite the course pack article and/or video lecture when you do so. Also please, refer to the article (book) as a reference source and add another source.