Writing a Memo

Develop a memo from your IT company. Share the three possibilities with specifications. Recommend a specific make and model. It is important that you perform a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis on all three suggestions to help justify the purchase for each of your printers reviewed.

Report your findings in a business memo. Show TCO calculations over 3 years for each printer you select in a spreadsheet embedded in the memo. Include Duty cycle, pages per minute, costs, pages per toner cartridge, Drum replacement pages and costs, scan speeds. What does it cost per page printed?

As added support, please included your website research printouts with printer specs. Spec sheets must be printed directly from the Internet or in PDF form and submitted to blackboard.

The following information should be used to calculate TCO.

Price of a Ream (500 sheets) of paper is $7.00. Department prints about 15,000 pages of B/W documents per month. Department prints out 2500 pages of color documents per month. The scanner is used about 100 times a month.


Memo of printer recommendation.

Include with the memo a spreadsheet ( should be easy to compare printers) showing/comparing specifications for each printers and TCO over 3 years with costs. Be specific.

Include printout/PDF from website for each printer information.