writing an analytical report

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Writing an Analytical Report (125 Points
As the primary Technical Writer at BCG on The City Security Insurance Company (CSIC) project, you

have been asked to consider building a blog within the new website. Your boss has asked you to

write about corporate blogging, make recommendations, and provide a rationale for each

recommendation. You will need to support all of your recommendations with references.
Your Analytical Report will be presented to CSIC and should not contain any graphics or examples

that might offend its global team (New York, Mexico City, Tokyo, Dubai, London, and Montreal).

Remember to follow the steps presented in your reading and in the module and use at least 3

credible sources to support your analysis.
Submit your Analytical Report in a single 4-5 page document. Label each section clearly. Make sure

your report is well written, uses CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements, and has the

proper citations