Writing Instructions for Reaction Journal:

Writing Instructions for Reaction Journal:
This is a weekly reaction journal.So what you have to do is to read all the reading first, then write a two-pages journal after read the readings. This is a reaction journal so the journal do not have to be professional and no other references needed. But you have to write about all the readings.Basically what you have to do is
1.Read all the readings(The topic is Domestic violence: levels, causes and consequence for this set of readings)
2.Summarize the main idea of each reading and talk a little bit about that reading. Or you can also combine readings together and summarize together if you think any of them has similar topics or connections.( You have to talk about every reading, one paragraph each)
3.Talk about your own thoughts.( this part just write a whole paragraph for all the readings, or one specific agreement or disagreement toward specific reading from the set. So combine them and write your thoughts)
4.The length separation: On the first page or maybe another half page, roughly talk about each reading and summarize main idea of each reading. And on the remaining one page or half page, write about your own thoughts. The depth of your thoughts and how it relates to reading is really important.