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1.writing report

“Performance improvement is high on the agenda of many companies around the world and with the growing number of improvement models now available care has to be taken to adopt an approach that will yield the most attractive return on investment……… Over the past decade, a rapid increase in global competition brought about by technological change and product variety proliferation has accentuated the role of continuous performance improvement as a strategic and competitive requirement in many organizations world-wide”.

(1) Compare and contrasts two widely known and well-publicized improvement models: Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard and the EFQM Excellence Model.

(2) Decide which improvement model you would suggest to your employers that they adopt.

2.Interpersonal Communications – ”The Equalizer”

Write a 1-page paper that includes the following: The title of the movie A brief description of the movie A list of the main characters A detailed description of the relationships and cultures in the movie

3.Human Resources’ Role in Change

Discuss the performance appraisal and feedback types you have experienced in your professional work. How often were they conducted? What did you learn from these evaluations? How might they have been improved? If you do not have relevant professional experience, you should discuss best practices you would recommend to an employer that is looking to implement a performance evaluation system.