The Assignment:

Submit a copy of an article or a link to or website address to document your source for the current event.  The article must be related to an employment issue we have covered in the class:  Ex. Unfair labor practices such as undocumented workers; workers working off the clock, Title VII discrimination, etc.

Write a two page, typed and double spaced report answering the following questions:

1. What is the issue at dispute here- why is their a disagreement between employer and employee?

2. What law is being argued or litigated – Title VII or some other State or Federal law?  Name the law and describe its purpose

3.  Who do you think has the stronger argument – employer or employee and discuss why – using the law as your fundamental reasoning .  Do not just write something to the effect of “I think it is unfair when etc.   Your argument must be based on what the law says – not your personal opinion.

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