Years between the revolutionary and civil war

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Write a 3 page research chose to answer 2 out of the 5 provided questions.

(1.) In an organized essay, rank the following events in order of their importance as causes of the Civil War. Be sure to discuss each event in detail (using primary sources from the textbook and
text from the textbook where appropriate) and tell me why you did you rank them the way you did: Missouri Compromise of 1820, Election of Abraham Lincoln, Abolitionist Movement, The Industrial
Revolution, Kansas-Nebraska Act, The Mexican American War, John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry, and the Compromise of 1850.

(2.)In an organized essay, discuss how the early Industrial Revolution (1830’s-1870’s) transformed American Society. Be sure to discuss at least five of the following areas: Politics,
Communication, Gender Issues, Social Class. Slavery and Race-Relations, Westward Expansion, Urban Growth, Immigration, Relations with Native Americans, Agricultural Change, or Environment.

(3.)In a coherent essay, rank the impact that the following people had on creating the Civil War (note, if you answer this question my teacher wanted to gear most of the focus on the women): Maria
Stewart, Lewis Cass, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, John Brown, Sojourner Truth, William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, and Frederick Douglass. Your essay should clearly demonstrate why you
feel the evidence supports your rankings, and should clearly define each person’s contribution/impact (using text from text book and Primary Sources)

(4.)In an organized essay discuss life on a “typical” cotton plantation from the perspective of both slaves and masters. How did both sides view the society and culture they lived under. How did
slaves survive this ordeal and fight back? How important was cotton production and slave labor to both Northern and Southern societies?

(5.)In a coherent essay, discuss how the period from 1800-1830 transformed the notion of what it means to be an American. Use at least two of the following focal points to demonstrate your
understanding of the changing nature of national identity: relations with Native Americans, International Relations, American Political Life, the Changing Nature of Immigration, and Westward