You have been approached for advice by an Australian company


You have been approached for advice by an Australian company, which is looking to invest in a bauxite mine in Indonesia.In the event that Indonesia breaches its obligations under the Bilateral Investment Treaty between Australia and Indonesia, under what framework will any dispute be resolved? Specifically address:• What framework and arbitration rules are likely to apply?;• What will the process of establishment of a tribunal and the conduct of written and oral proceedings involve?;• If an award is made in favour of the Australian company against Indonesia, might there being any obstructions to enforcement of the award in Indonesia?

You need to keep in mind you need to refer to most of the readings discussed in this module to demonstrate learning. There will be specific readings relating to these questions so make sure you use
the right ones. Your submission should be between 550-650 words so remember to be very specific and make sure you cover all the points above.