YWCA History of Activism in NYC

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)

If you are working on the YWCA project, you will be researching its history of activism in NYC.

Phase II: Research history of activism in NYC, YWCA role and integration. Please incorporate the following into Phase II of your paper:

Review New York City’s history of activism and think about how history can inform activism in the current historical context.

What history do some companies have in activism? Could this cross over into the rise of unions at the turn of the 20th Century as opposed to their relevance today? What industries do you feel were more enlightened?

Who are the historical figures associated with the YWCA and NYC? Ex. Dorothy Height

The YWCA serves girls 9-24, but they have a network of corporate women leaders we they want to cultivate. What topics would be of interest to each of these groups, such as who are the voices that resonate with each generation? A girl of 9-24 would not recognize Dorothy Height as someone older would.