Zika Virus in Brazil

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___/3 points: Social Factors – Why is this an issue? __
Who are those involved? __
How are they impacted?
_____/ 3 points: Economic Factors – Discuss economic impact for selected country. __
Who does it cost? __
How much does it cost? Use specific $, %. #, etc.__

______/ 3 points: U.S. global health policies and initiatives – Identify U.S. global health policies ___
Identify initiatives specific to selected country for the global health topic. __ Discuss the human & financial resources allocated. Provide specific $, #’s, %, etc.__

_____/4 Resource allocation – Discuss human and financial resources allocated to the global health topic specific to selected country. ___
Identify governmental, nongovernmental, foreign government, private foundations, global partnerships, pharmaceutical companies, etc. ___
Specify which entities are dedicating which resources (human/financial) to the global health issue.___
Discuss at least two (2) entities allocating resources and provides specific $, #’s, %, etc.___

____/2 Progress – Discuss the progress being made in addressing the global health issue for the selected country.___
Identify additional human and financial resources needed to combat the global health topic.___