Zika virus in Brazil


This assignment is about Zika virus in Brazil:

Learning Objective 3: Describe the exposure in a population and susceptible sub-populations :

2-Tell what your hazard is as specifically as possible. (You do not need to explain the hazard, only write the specific hazard that your group has identified in one sentence.)
3-Define your group’s population of interest. Estimate how many people are exposed to the hazard.
4-List the key routes of exposure to the hazard. How do people come into contact with it?
5-Quantify or otherwise describe the magnitude, duration and frequency of exposure to the population in question.
6-List at least 3 sub-populations (within your population of interest) that are more vulnerable to the hazard. Why is each sub-population more susceptible?
7-Find at least 3 reputable sources, and provide full references in the proper APA format. At least 2 of these should be peer-reviewed sources.
8-Give an example of an in-text citation in APA format for one of your references.
9-Include a thoughtful question that will help your group discuss the scope, focus, and main points of the final paper.
10-Identify the major point(s) you feel are important to include in the Group Poster. This could include specific pieces of your LO document AND/OR could include graphics/pictures/etc. that you feel are important to be included.

Reminders about Learning Objective Posting expectations:

Name – L.O. title
Summarize research in your own words
Citation within body of text – list of references at the end (3-5 sources with 2 being from peer reviewed lit.)
Bring your research back to the topic
Keep it around 2 pages 1.5 spaced

These are the grader expectation as well:

I would approach this question by starting more broadly and looking at who, in general, is exposed in Brazil. Then narrow this down to address primarily pregnant women.
4. What are the names for these exposure routes?
5. Does the risk of exposure to Zika virus change seasonally, or is it constant? Are people in all regions of Brazil at equal risk of exposure, or is it higher in some regions? What environmental characteristics increase the risks of exposure?
6. Does socioeconomic status impact sensitivity or risk of Zika infection? Also include more information about why these groups are at higher risk.