Community acquired Pneumonia

Paper details:

Create a “STEPS” analysis comparing the use of azithromycin or levofloxacin for Community acquired pneumonia. Based on the analysis. which drug is best
for patients? Please argue your point according to the STEPS analysis below.

8: safety – are there any serious drug interactions? Possible serious side effects or adverse drug reactions?

T – tolerability – consider any adverse drug effects or side effects that may be concerning to the patient such as: diarrhea. headaches. rash. etc.

E – efficacy – is one agent more efficacious than the other for the infection?

P – price – does the patient have insurance? will cost inhibit adherence or access to the medication?

8 – simplicity – which regimen is simpler? Once a day dosing will likely have better adherence rates than three times a day dosing. Also. three days of an
antibiotic may be preferable to 7-10 days. Depending on the drug you choose. the frequency and duration will vary.