Company assesment and analysis

CHOSEN COMPANY: HAYMAX, (Allergen Barrier Balm)

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(a) use PESTLE analysis, the VRIO framework and Porter’s 5 forces. The theory needs to be applied. Doesn’t have to use all PESTLE analysis, maybe 2 from each of the analysis.
(b) Conduct internal analysis.
(c) A strategic issue reflects the integration of broad, industry and
Organisational factors
(d) It is anything that requires strategic ‘attention’ i.e. the basis for a decision
that will need making. Therefore:
1. Your strategic options e.g. differentiation, has to reflect the context that you have identified
2. Your strategic options must take account of the ‘alignment’ between organisation and environment, regardless of which theoretical perspective you employ
(e) Use Google scholar to find some of the information. (Important).