Consulting Assumptions

Consider the following questions and address them in the discussion board:
What assumptions do you have about consulting? [Citation optional] How might the assumptions you have manifest during the consultation process? [Cite academic resources to support your assertions]
How will you compensate for the impact these assumptions will have on your consulting style? [Cite academic resources to support your assertions] How will you work to set healthy boundaries to build trust, address feelings, share responsibility, and ensure your needs are met? [Cite academic resources to support your assertions] Use the Following Headings:
Use the following headings in your initial response as you address the topics: Existing Assumptions How Assumptions Manifest During Consultation Compensating for Assumptions Overcoming Assumptions for Healthy Outcomes References Other Guidelines for Initial Discussion Board Posts: —Use at least 250 words in length of substance —Use a minimum of one academic resource as support in each section (unless otherwise noted). This resource may be your textbook, required readings for the course, or outside academic research such as peer reviewed journals. The resource may not be general web sites. Use of those will be the equivalent of using no resource at all and will reduce scores since these lack academic rigor.