Entrepreneurship in IT Opportunity Journal

1: The self-reflection clearly discuss the result of your personality types based on the MBTI : The self-reflection discusses in detail and outlines the topic and presents a well organised narrative with excellent structure providing a clear synopsis. • Criterion 2 : Clear discussion of which character of your personality type that will be beneficial for an entrepreneur With Reference to Otto Kroeger: caricature — additional resources – Light Reading Section : Excellent use of reference and insights from the MBTI that your personality type will be benefitial towards entrepreneurship. Reflection Point : -Identify your personality types using MBTI (http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm)
2- Answer the following questions:
a. Which character of your personality type (see Otto Kroeger’ caricature —additional resources – Light Reading Section on that will be beneficial for entrepreneur? b. Which character of your personality type that you think can hinder your entrepreneurial journey? And how will you work on them? c. Think about the people you like to join you in the founding team. What sorts of skills, values, experiences that you are looking for in the founding members? d.How will you find these members? NOTE: You need to take the test before you can answer this question The paper should be 550 words long