Ethics and Technology

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Carefully read the “Robots, Drones and the Disappearance of the Human Being,” from the book The New

Media Invasion: Digital Technologies and the World They Unmake by John David Ebert, McFarland

(2011). The broad subject matter here is Ethics and Technology.
Write at least 300-400 words to answer the following question:
Critique John Ebert’s chapter. What main point or points is he making here? Do you agree or

disagree with him? And most importantly, never mind intrusive government use of drones (although

this is a huge topic unto itself) , consider this: if ownership of drones is turned over to the

public at large; that is, if citizens of the United States of America can one day own and operate

their own drone or drones, what ethical implications arise? Again, try to incorporate notions from

any of the ethical perspectives and do cite your references.