Review the following situation and answer the following questions.

Ms. A is an 85-year-old patient who is currently recovering from diverticulitis. The daughter of a Ms. A. has asked to speak with the CNS about her mother. Ms. A lives alone and her daughter is concerned for her safety as she has fallen a couple times at home and refuses to use a walker or cane. Her daughter wants to know what can be done to keep her mother safe in the hospital and at home.

Her other past medical problems include: diabetes mellitus, hypertension, osteoarthritis, depression and a history of falls. Ms. A has been a patient on the unit for 3 days and has slept only 3 to 4 hours per night. She is extremely restless and anxious constantly wants to get up from her chair or bed.

1. What are Ms. A’s known fall risk factors?
2. What are Ms. A.’s potential fall risk factors?
3. What interventions should be in place to reduce Ms. A’s fall risk while in the hospital?
4. Develop a plan of care for Ms. A. for when she goes home.
a. What screening tools and functional assessment tools would be helpful?
b. What referrals might you make to ensure her safety at home?
c. What kinds of safety measures would you recommend to be made to Ms A’s environment safe?

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