International Business- Marketing in a Foreign Country

Assume your company already markets and sells these products in the U.S. The products have well-established trademarks and trade names. Each of your products is considered to be the market leaders. Your company has decided to export these products to the listed countries.

Before your company begins exporting these products, you have been tasked to research how culture would determine product adjustments needed. These adjustments might include factors such as packing size, promotion, and advertising considerations. Etc. Don’t worry if a market truly exists in the country but focus instead on how your product would be received in each country given that country’s culture? You might consider using some of the information from Hofstede’s to guide you through this assignment.
From the list provided below, please pick 3 products with the stated country and provide your analysis and evaluation of those areas you feel need to be modified or adjusted to meet the elements of the foreign country culture:
Products Country
Swimsuits for Women France
CD Players Singapore
Desk and Bookcases Poland
Men’s neckties Saudi Arabia
Women’s purses Taiwan
Throat lozenges Italy
Digital Cameras South Africa
Men’s shoes Russia