International marketing

1.Select a relevant problem or context within international marketing 2.Select at least two theories from the course 3.Describe and apply the selected theories to understand or resolve the problem or context already selected 4.Critique the theory in light of its application to real world problems. 1.What theories are there in module that I can select? -Hofstede,divergence-convergence, adaptation-standardisation,country of origin, MOE, any number of internationalisation frameworks can also be used -Does adaptation-standardisation count as 1 or 2 theories? Its really tough to explain one without the other so as one broad theory 2. Sorry, what do you mean by critique? -No theory Is perfect and has limitations,you can show this by its application to your case study -And therefore propose a multi theory lens need to understand complex business case studies 3.How do I get a distinction? -The more depth the analysis, application to case study the better!Hence need to use one case study rather than industry analysis,to gain that depth by breaking down examples from the company in more depth -You can use or relate your case study to other companies too but this should be limited and balance between depth and breadth not compromised