Legal Research

  1. a. Who may qualify to testify as an expert in a California trial? b. Cite to the code section — be specific. c. What are the key words and/or unique phrases (if any)?
  2. a. Give the citation of the federal law (cite to the U.S.C.) that prohibits employment discrimination based on pregnancy. Include the name of the act, the title, and the section. b. What are the key words and/or unique phrases (if any)?
  3. Being a runner or a capper is a prohibited activity for paralegals. Cite to the California law(s) that give a definition for those two terms. Give the definition.
  4. Find the California Family Code section regarding premarital agreements. Specifically, part of this law states under what conditions the premarital agreement is NOT enforceable. What is the code section and sub-section?
  5. a. In California, under the Regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission’s, does a campaign contribution include a candidate’s own money or property used for his or her candidacy? b. Cite to the regulation. (Cite means the same as give the citation; include the title, section, sub-section, and sub-sub section.)
  6. Find the recent proposal concerning the Burmese python in the Federal Register.
    Which agency or department made this proposal? What action was proposed? What unique keywords did you use?