Organizational psychology, choosing and organization, observing, applying theories

A. Part 1: A brief description of the organization – The type of organization (does it deal with
food? Retail? Etc.), the size of the organization, and the structure of the organization. It is important
to be anonymous and confidential, and to not mention the names of employees interviewed and of
the organization.
B. Part 2: Findings – A description of the main themes (issues) that arose from the collection of
information on the organization. At least two topics must be included (one related to each subject
chosen from the course program). You can specify more if you would like (maximum of three). The
explanation of the theories should include:
a. The name of the problem
b. A description of the main symptoms that led you to this problem – what evidence can you
provide to show this problem exists in the organization? What did the interviewees have to
say about it? Please enter relevant quotes in the description of the findings and interviews. What expressions of these findings have you seen in the observations of the organization?
What supports the findings (or theme) in the organization?
c. A connection to a theory from the course – how does what you found connect to the theories
we have learned? How can we see the different principles in the field?
C. Part 3: Recommendations– Suggestions for improvement for each of the problems you have
raised based on the theories and the empirical findings we have learned (4 negatives 1 positive). How can the organization work differently? What actions can the organization take to improve the situation? You do not need to describe and explain theories here, but to use concepts and ideas to explain the solutions you offer.