Perspectives on the Past

1. State your term, decade and database.
2. Was your term used a lot during that decade in that database? (A sentence or two of answer, saying frequency and why you think it is (or it not) a lot.)
3. Describe in two or even three paragraphs what you found out about your term from reading the articles or documents. Explain what was known and important at the time. (Two or three substantive paragraphs.)
4. Was there a common understanding and usage of your term? Meaning, did everyone who used it, use it in the same way? (Two or three sentences, minimum, explaining usage, and how/why it did or did not differ.)
5. Did the meaning or ways your term was used change over the decade? Be sure to read the articles in chronological order and think about the full group of articles, in order. (Two or three sentences, explaining how usage changed and possibly thoughts about why.)
6. If you were starting a research paper about this term in this decade, what would you want to know or do next? Spend three or four sentences discussing questions you have, possible analyses, and research ideas (what you would want to read next, and where you might look for it).
7. Provide a bibliography, listing each article or document you read for the assignment.
8. OPTIONAL: Final thoughts or analysis, and/or comparison with what we have already learned about your term.