Research Methods and Bioethics

Order Description a Poster layout , in a Microsoft powerpoint Poster slide, it should be one slide (one page) . The

topic should be about the Bioethics of Human cloning , use scientific journal articles as

references and peer reviewed papers. The focus is around the arguments around the ethics of human

cloning I will include a powerpoint presentation which will contain an example of how i want it

with guidelines , only include the following :

1)Summary/Abstract (optional)
Do after completing other parts of poster. This should be a brief overview of the main aims,

methods, results and conclusions.
2)Brief introduction/background
Background to the topic under investigation and main aims
3)Results (all)
Key findings and supporting data (all types of poster)
Refer to primary sources (ethics)
Show selected data to support your comments (all)

4)Critical analysis/discussion
Discuss findings and their significance Discuss issues raised/reliability of data
Balanced argument of ethical issues

5)Main conclusions/summary (all types)

Short bullet point form (all types). Make sure the poster is well written and
presented and include a short reference list presented in a consistent and accepted format.