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196,08″ C’G‘ifil’l’t?You will write 3 entries-1 Personal. 1 Media. 1 Testimonial. Submit all 3 entries as 1 document. Be

sure to clearly date and number each entry.
One-page (double spaced) for each section. (2-3 pages (max)) double-spaced per response journal).

Be thoughtful and detailed in your comments
and reflections. Honesty and authenticity are required here. You will not lose points for writing

the “wrong” thing. As always. you are encouraged to
challenge yourself.
A. Personal Reflective Entry: This entry should address your experiences with race and racism

issues as they arise in your social and academic
environment. This is reflective. be detailed on how course material is helping you unpack the

complexities of Latina/O/Hispanic identity. This can be
in response to a particular concept you are struggling with or exploring or from the class readings

but it must illustrate that you are thinking and
feeling about this material seriousl In this entry. you must discuss and integrate at least 1

reading and 1 lecture material that resonated with you on
particular week to receive full credit. use the “reading guide” for the week as inspiration. (1-

page minimum)
You must choose readings from the same week of the reflection and/or readings between reflection

assignments. For example. for Reflection #1 you
can choose readings from Weeks 1-4, however. for Reflection #2 you must choose for Weeks 5-6, and

for Reflection #3, readings from Weeks 7-8.
If readings and lecture material are not discussed in your “Personal Entry.” you will automatically

get an “Incomplete” for the assignment!
8. Media Entry: Find a current article (online. newspaper. magazine) or any media content not

discussed or assigned in class that deals with
Latina/o. Hispanic racial identity or identity in general. This is not a summary or “book report”.

but more your response or interpretation of something
significant in the article. Cite the article’s title. author. and date. If other media content

provide a link to the source. Use a wide variety of sources.
You can do this in several ways: Explicit (article directly addresses racism). implicit (you make a

connection for something “under the surface.” and
comments (focus on responses to an article) Also: Colorlinescom. NYTimescom. com are good

resources. (1/2 page to 1-page max)
C. Testimonios Entry: For this entry you must read a testimonio/narrative from Mario T. Garcia’s

The Latino Generation: Voices of the New America
(2014). You do not need a copy of the book chapters will be available on the course website

( (Links to an external
site.)). You must pick one narrative to respond to and include the following: How does the

interviewee deflne LatinO/Hispanic’? How do they
experience said identity? How do you relate to the narrative? How does the narrative add to your

understanding of Latina/o or Hispanic identity?
(1-page max)

Online – (intact SLIDD